Like other ecommerce platforms, OpenCart allows you to send your feed to Google Shopping. You can even do this manually, although it will take some effort. But for a fee, you can do it by just getting the Google Product Feed for OpenCart. What it does is that it generates a Product Feed for Google Shopping for you.

The latest update of the multi-store version of OpenCart now has more features which can really make things a whole lot easier for you. It supports a separate language and currency for each multistore. It also supports the latest Google Feed Attributes found in the 2014 update. You even have the option to split the feed at the limits you define.

You can do a bulk update to cut down on the time and effort you need, because you can filter your products by category, manufacturer, model or product name. There’s also a tracker that lets you track the traffic coming from Google shopping. You can monitor the effectiveness of your Adwords campaigns. Finally, it’s also compatible with jneuhoff’s export/import tool.

Still, it’s not without problems. And that’s why you should check out the forum so that you can find a possible solution to get you going.


One of the best things about the forum is that unlike other developers, this developer (username justcurious) actually takes the time to visit the forum and answer questions. He seems quite conscientious in providing solutions.

In one instance, one user’s problem led to an update to the extension. This solution prevents the problem from cropping up again.

Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding. One user pasted their data feed URL ( when Google was asking for a file name (data_feed.xml). So of course the user got an error message.


Of course, the fact that there are still some problems and misunderstandings mean that it’s not perfect. What’s annoying is that for some problems, the developer simply sends an email to the user to help him out. This means that if you have the same problem, you won’t get your answer right away. You have to post your exact same problem to the forum and wait for justcurious to answer.

Of course, you also can’t forget about the requirements of the Google Product Feed for OpenCart. You need to have VQMod installed, but you can get that for free. If you are using OpenCart 1.5.4 (or later), then you need version 2.1.7 (or later) of VQMod.

You also need to remember that shipping costs are not included in the OpenCart Google Shopping feed. You have to set that up in Google Merchant.

And that answer can take a while. It seems that the developer checks the forum every few weeks or so. If you have an emergency, then you’ll still have to wait. Hopefully, the other user who had the same problem as you did would help out you out.

All in all, it should be a good investment, and that’s reflected in the ratings. It’s been two years since it has been launched, and the developer is still helping out.

If you still need help, we would be more than happy to help you set your OpenCart product feed. Just give us a call now!

If your export is successful, you can now easily submit your OpenCart feed to Google Shopping. Afterwards, you can really optimize your Google Shopping campaigns with IM-PACT.