Sending your product feed to Google Shopping can be a very infuriating experience, even if you’re using an eCommerce platform that’s supposedly “user-friendly.” But you can’t always put the blame on the platform, especially if your problem isn’t all that common among other users. And of course, Google itself isn’t entirely faultless all the time.

Consequences of the Missing “Availability” Field

One possible problem when exporting PrestaShop feed to Google Shopping is a missing attribute that Google absolutely needs. Missing the field “Availability” can be a really serious problem. This is especially true if the feed is uploading just fine and every single one of your items is in stock. If in fact hundreds of items are saying that they’re “in stock” on the landing page, but Google isn’t seeing or picking up on it, you have a big problem on your hands.

Unfortunately for you, you can’t really expect Google to help. Try to tell them about your missing “Availability” attribute and in all likelihood, all they will ever do is tell you that you are missing your “Availability” attribute. As if you didn’t already know!

But what you may not know is that if your item’s “Availability” attribute is missing, then Google will suspend your Merchant Account. It won’t matter if everything else in the Merchant Center is working. It seems like the Google Merchant module automatically generates data feeds that may not include all that Google needs.

Manual Options

The most obvious way to get around this problem is to use Excel to manually create a data feed and to add every single product to the feed. This may work with a handful of items, but when your items are in the hundreds then this will use up all of your time.

But another option may probably be more effective. This option requires you to export a csv file instead of making an Excel sheet. You can then use Excel to edit it. You can just put in a column for availability, and then you can just manually add it to your Google Merchant center. This will save you time.

Automatic Options

But if you really want to save time (and effort), perhaps it’s time for you to take advantage of PrestaShop modules so that you can just do this automatically. It will cost you money, but then again the price will be worth it if it prevents problems in the future.

The advantages of these modules are plenty. For one, it saves you a lot of time, which you can then devote to other aspects of your business. It saves you a lot of headaches too, since these modules are supposed to solve problems and not cause them. Best of all, it prevents Google from suspending your Merchant account.

And as a bonus, you can ask the creators of the modules for advice. That saves you from having to ask advice from Google – which seems to be an exercise in futility, anyway!


If you still need help, we would be more than happy to help you set your PrestaShop product feed. Just give us a call now!

If your export is successful, you can now easily submit your PrestaShop feed to Google Shopping. Afterwards, you can really optimize your Google Shopping campaigns with IM-PACT.