Staying ahead of the pack is no easy task, besides a team of great analysts,  it requires innovative thinking and customized technology. It is not uncommon for our analysts to sit and brainstorm with our technology team to identify what tools or functionality could be developed to make our work more dynamic, more scalable and more efficient.  These brain storming sessions have led to the development of amazing tools amazing tools, like IM-Pact ™ .

With IM-pact™, we look at how we can gain more insight into a clients performance so that we have the right data to analyze

Product Feed Management

There are multiple Comparison Shopping Engines online, which ones are you on? If you’re doing well on Google Shopping, shouldn’t you consider expanding onto other engines to maximize your volume?

Our feed team uses Feedonomics, the most powerful product feed management platform to:

  • Pull your product feed from your shopping cart and push it out to multiple shopping engines
  • Map data feeds and create rules to conform to the varying shopping engines specifications
  • Enhance and optimize your feed, titles, description and other data in a central location
  • Implement custom filters to safeguard your feed and flag incomplete or inaccurate data
  • Create custom rules to programmatically insert and update data
  • Create import/export schedules to pull and push your content as frequently as you like because your inventory is always changing and we know accuracy is important!

IM-Pact ™

An Insight Into Your Shopping Performance

Google provides no insight into how you and your competitors are performing on Google Shopping. Our IM-Pact ™ Tool can help gain reporting and fulfilment insights on performance and competitive data by comparing you against your competitors. For example you can see pricing and keyword insights per product in relation to your competitors.

Our technology offers us many tools & features which we have developed to improve account integrity and make campaign optimization efficient, concise and all encompassing.  This allows our analysts more time to analyze and strategize your account.

How Are You Performing On Google Shopping?

IM-Key ™

Find Your Keywords, Build Your Campaign Faster & Better

Lagentia offers its proprietary IM-Key tool technology to ensure the highest degree of success for “Paid Search” keyword set up.

The biggest challenges in Paid Search Campaigns are how to ensure:

  • Relevance – does the keyword list match the products and services that we are selling?
  • Completeness – is the keyword list complete or are we missing some?
  • Accuracy – are keywords allocated to the correct Campaigns and Ad Groups?
  • Time – does the set up take us too much valuable time?

There are 2 steps within IM-Key:

1. Blanket keyword tool selection

  • Enter keyword/product/service into tool
  • Tool automatically populates with tens/hundreds/thousands of keyword suggestions
  • Create simple filters:
    • Include – only include keyword/s with the {following words}
    • Exclude/negatives – exclude keyword/s with the {following words}

2. Ad Group creation selection

  • Copy final keyword list from Blanket selection into Ad Group creation tool – e.g. Jackets
  • Create Ad Groups category (as many as needed) e.g. Leather Jackets, Winter Jackets.
  • Add sample representative keyword to each Ad Group e.g. Leather
  • Tool automatically allocates all keywords with representative keyword to the Ad Group
  • Click and drag keywords from one Ad Group to another
  • Automatically API/Copy and paste finalized Ad Groups into AdWords/Bing etc

The Results are that Campaigns and Ad Groups are:

  • More Relevant – using our technology, high reliability that keywords representative of your products/services
  • More Complete – using our technology, all possible keywords were identified and irrelevant keywords appropriately filtered.
  • More Accurate – using our technology, keywords were accurately allocated to their appropriate Campaign and Ad Groups.

Our technology can help you.