ProductsUp is a German do-it-yourself enterprise tool for feed management.

Feedonomics is based in the US and is a full-service or self-service product feed optimization platform.



ProductsUp’s pricing is enterprise-level, and starts at a minimum of $1,000 per month with year-long contracts. Feedonomics on the other hand is significantly less expensive (even at higher SKUs), and is month-to-month.


Self vs Full Service

ProductsUp is self-service, meaning you have to do all the work after training.

Feedonomics gives you either option, meaning they can optimize and troubleshoot feed issues for you. Combined with proactive Google Merchant Center alerts, it’s very compelling because they can solve feed disapproval issues for you.



While the ProductsUp interface looks pretty, the reality is it is often very unintuitive and difficult to use. It seems like functionality/efficiency workflows come at the expense of aesthetics. The field mapping page is a perfect example of that – while it’s pretty, it takes several times longer than it needs to.


Marketplaces and Order Sync

Because marketplaces aren’t as big in Germany as they are in the US, ProductsUp can’t handle order integration for common platforms like Shopify and Magento. Feedonomics can do order synchronization for marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Amazon is particularly important, as it’s one of the fastest growing channels.



While both Feedonomics and ProductsUp have pre-made templates for exporting product feeds, ProductsUp can’t build custom XML exports for channels like Bazaar Voice, while Feedonomics can.


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