Lengow is one of the oldest French self-service feed platforms. It supports many specific French marketplaces and channels that may or may not be of interest.

Feedonomics is a US based feed platform that offers both full-service and self-service options.

At Lagentia, we use Feedonomics for all of our product feed optimization needs for the reasons provided below.


While Lengow has existed for a long time, they don’t always support advanced functionality like the ability to create custom CSV or XML files like Feedonomics does.

You also can’t join multiple sources of data together in Lengow, which you can do easily in Feedonomics. This is useful when we need to bring in performance data from Google Adwords.

Lengow also doesn’t have the ability to view or query raw or transformed data in platform, instead you have to download into excel


Categorization only works through mapping product_type or the merchant’s internal categories. So if you have categories that are too general like “SALE” or “CLEARANCE”, you don’t have ability to do more specific mapping.



Lengow charges enterprise level prices, while having the data optimization quality of Godatafeed. Lengow also requires signing a 12 month contract. Feedonomics is less expensive, and does not have long-term contracts.


Google Merchant Center Alerts

Google Merchant Center disapprovals can result in thousands of lost dollars if you’re not paying close attention. Feedonomics has an automated way of checking and alerting you whenever disapprovals pop up.


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