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What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is Google’s (now) paid shopping engine. These product image results get shown for any search that Google deems product oriented.

Each product image goes to the advertisers website. Advertisers can bid on the Google Shopping clicks within the regular Adwords Interface.

What is Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center is where you upload your products to Google. You can not bid on your products there. You must first link your Adwords and merchant center accounts, and then bid on them in the Adwords interface.

What is the difference between the “Product Listing Ads” & Google Shopping Campaigns?

Product Listing Ads are the “campaign format” that you manage your Google Shopping bids on. Google recently created a new format called the “Google Shopping”

The Google Shopping formats have unfortunately lost some of the control that the old Product Listing Ads have. However, with that loss of information comes some advantages. Google now gives you some insight into impression share. Also, you can see what your competitors are paying, and there are some organizational controls as well.

If you don’t yet have a Google Shopping campaign, you should use the new Google Shopping campaigns. If you have an existing Product Listing Ad campaign, we’ve seen many people see decrease performance when they prematurely move to a Google Shopping campaign. We recommend you talk to us before updating your campaigns.

What does IM-PACT do?

IM-PACT fills in a crucial gap in success on Google Shopping. We give you the insight into Google Shopping on where you are and aren’t showing up, how price competitive you are and other crucial elements. Fill out the form above to see how well you are doing.

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