With shopping feeds, exporting to comparison shopping engines can be very frustrating and time consuming. Data feeds are notoriously finicky, and then each comparison shopping engine has their own peculiar requirements and guidelines that must be followed. You will have to conform to these requirements to the letter, or else your shopping feed won’t be accepted. If you’re really unlucky, when you do it wrong and your products are already live, your products can be taken off that website.

However, compared to other e-commerce platforms, exporting PrestaShop feed to Google Shopping is actually not so difficult. You even have several options that you can check out:

  • Module PrestaCenter XML Export Free (PS 1.5.x). You can use this to create XML feeds and export your products to Google Shopping along with other price comparison services such as Kelkoo and Shopmania. The default installation already has a template for Google shopping, which really makes it easier.

It supports custom XML feed export formats. It’s also easy enough create and modify the XML feeds templates. There’s a free version, but it doesn’t support CRON.

  • Google Merchant Center. This module is specifically designed to upload your products to Google Shopping. With it, you can boost your chances of getting excellent rankings on Google Shopping. At the same time, you cut down the time needed for Google to accept all your products.

Google Merchant Center is very easy to use and quite robust too. It’s totally compatible with the multishop feature of PrestaShop. It has a boatload of features that comply with the numerous Google requirements. It fully integrates with Google Product Categories, Google Adwords, and Google Remarketing.

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And if you don’t want to send your entire product catalog to Google, you don’t have to. You can choose your products according to their categories. You can exclude the products according to their minimum price, if they are out of stock, or if they are missing unique identifiers.

  • Google Shopping Export V2 Module. This module is also designed to enable you to export your entire product catalog to Google Shopping. It complies with all the technical requirements imposed by Google, and it makes everything very simple for you.

  • Google Shopping Module. This does the same thing, but you’ll have to subscribe to a third party service first. It’s also only suitable if your shop has less than 200,000 products.

It generates an RSS / XML file for all your products. Your catalog can be exported in multiple currencies, so that you can do business worldwide. You can also program a scheduled task (Cron) to automatically update the product flow at regular intervals. This means you can automatically update your Google Shopping product catalog without having to do anything else.

  • Export Google Shopping Module.  This one generates XML files for each active language. All the Google Shopping mandatory fields are supported. There’s also CRONTAB support so you can automatically generate XML files. This module is surprisingly affordable compared to others.

These modules are all very easy to use and they have some very useful features. Try one, and pretty soon you’ll find out that the task of exporting PrestaShop feed can actually be simple, easy and quick.

If you still need help, we would be more than happy to help you set your PrestaShop product feed. Just give us a call now!

If your export is successful, you can now easily submit your PrestaShop feed to Google Shopping. Afterwards, you can really optimize your Google Shopping campaigns with IM-PACT.