Exporting a Zen Cart Feed to Google Shopping can be difficult, even with a plugin that initially seems to work.

One plugin out there, called the Numinix Google Merchant center feed, does not have a item grouper feature, which becomes extremely problematic for the user, especially after spending the time to install and get to know the plugin in order to be able to use it. For example, if you want to advertise a bike, the proportion of the price lost due to cost per click is not as bad as the proportion of the price due to cost per click of a pump. Sometimes instead of grouping items, you can get around by distinguishing and grouping items by brands, not by item itself. You might have to download an extra plugin to add extra fields for the Numinix Google Merchant Center Feeder. However, this trick does not always work, especially if the brand makes the item and an accessory for the item, such as the brand Giant making the pump and the bike. The Google Merchant Center feed plugin will not be of use if you want to save money with cost per click by being able to group items. Read even more problems with the Numinix Google Merchant Center Feeder, and how to solve common installation problems to export to Google Shopping.

A plugin by the name of MagneticOne is much more effective than Numinix, has feed software that is compatible with many different CSE’s. Numinix is extremely complicated to use, is not user friendly, and involves too many downloads to get the plugin to work properly. Numinix and MagneticOne cost the same. Unlike Numinix, Magnet One makes category specification simple. However, Magnet One is not free and can become very costly, especially since you pay by number of feed and add on’s. If you have many feeds, such as Google Shopping, Bing, Shopzilla, and Ebay, keep in mind that every feed will cost you. MagnetOne will get the work done, at least in terms of grouping, but is the price to pay worth it.

Another plugin to solve the Zen Cart grouping feed export to Google shopping is DataFeedWatch. Like other plugins on the market, this plugin is costly, at $149/month for agencies, $49/month for merchants, and $29/month for a shop. Unfortunately optimization is weak with Datafeedwatch. Merchants can only have two shops, 5000 products, 10 channels, where every additional 1000 products is $3. The Agency rate includes unlimited shops, 25000 products, 100 channels, and costs $2 for every additional 1000 products. For the shop rate, only one shop is included, 5000 products, 3 channels, and it costs an additional $5 for each additional 1000 products. There is a $99 feed set up fee. Analytics is $19/month, and a Google Shopping Manager is $39/month plus the $99 set up fee. In addition, to have an amazon marketplace add-on, is $69/month with a $195 set up fee. Get ready for all of these hidden costs to appear. This plugin claims it will get the job done, however there are no reviews out there that verify this claim.


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If your export is successful, you can now easily submit your Zen Cart feed to Google Shopping. Afterwards, you can really optimize your Google Shopping campaigns with IM-PACT.