OpenCart is actually one of the easier eCommerce platforms around, but some people (actually, a lot of them) still have problems manually exporting their feed to Google Shopping. The entire process can get a bit convoluted, and coding expertise can surely come in handy. And that’s why Google Product Feed for OpenCart has become one of the more popular and more highly regarded extensions. It makes the job much easier, and it cuts down the time you need to devote to the task.

But still, there are some people who can’t get the hang of it. It’s one of the more common questions in the Google Product forum: How do I send my OpenCart feed to Google Shopping?

  1. Log into your Google Merchant Account.

  2. Find the Data Feeds link at the left side of the screen, and click it.

  3. Click the New Test Data Feed button. This is different from the New Data Feed button.

  4. Choose your target country.

  5. Keep the format as googlebase.

  6. Enter the filename as feed.xml then click “Save changes”. Make sure you do not check the box to use Google Spreadsheet.

  7. Click the link to Create Schedule found in the Upload column.

  8. Set the Upload to Daily at 01:00.

  9. Set your Time Zone.

  10. You’ll find the Feed URL in the Google Product Feed extension setup page. That’s the Extensions | Product Feeds | (edit) Google Product Feed. It will be shown as

  11. Don’t put in your username or password info.

  12. Click the button to Schedule and Fetch Now.

  13. Uploading your feed to Google and having it processed will take some time. So you should wait for at least 5 minutes before you refresh the page.

  14. You can see how well the feed has uploaded in the status column. But if there’s a problem, you can find out by clicking on the View errors link. There you’ll see the changes you need to do. Make those changes.

  15. Once your feed has conformed to the Google standards, start back to step#3. But this time, click on the New Data Feed button before you go on to all the other steps. This gets your feed live.

So if you are using Google Product Feed for OpenCart, just follow the steps above to export your opencart feed. Don’t leave out anything. If your feeds are not accepted by Google, then you first have to make sure that you are complying with Google’s requirements. You have to really be familiar with the Google Shopping policies, the Products Feed specification, the unique product identifiers, the requirements for product listings, and the attribute requirements for your target country.

If the Google policies are followed and you still have problems, then check the troubleshooting guide before you post your problem on the forum. The guide may already have the answer you are looking for.

If you still need help, we would be more than happy to help you set your OpenCart product feed. Just give us a call now!

If your export is successful, you can now easily submit your OpenCart feed to Google Shopping. Afterwards, you can really optimize your Google Shopping campaigns with IM-PACT.