GoDataFeed is one of the oldest and cheapest feed platforms out there, starting at $29/mo.

Interestingly enough, Godatafeed’s pricing is exactly the same as Datafeedwatch’s.

As we mentioned with our Datafeedwatch vs Feedonomics review, you often get what you pay for, which is just the mechanism of sending your data directly over to Google Shopping or other channels with little to no real optimization.

Lagentia uses Feedonomics for product feed optimization over Godatafeed because the level of optimization allowed by Feedonomics far exceeds any other platform. Here are a few interesting cases to consider:


Categorizing Products

Lets try a common scenario when you are categorizing products: Title is “Busboy Apron”

Godatafeed: A rule like title contains ‘usb’ would categorize this apron into the usb category instead of into the aprons category.

But Feedonomics has functions like contains_word that allow you to avoid these kind of problems entirely by respecting word boundaries like punctuation and whitespace.


Title not contains brand

Lets say only some percentage of our product titles are missing brand, but we have hundreds of different brands.

In Godatafeed, you would need to add as many rules as you have brands. So if you have 200 brands, that’s 200 different rules.

In Feedonomics, you can systematically add brand to all the titles missing it with one single IF THEN rule.

The primary reason this is an issue is because Godatafeed lacks the ability to query one variable with another variable.


For instance you can’t do something like this in Godatafeed:

IF: title does not contain brand

THEN: append brand to title



Google Merchant Center Alerts

One of the most devastating things that can happen on Google Shopping are disapprovals and errors, which can cause your most profitable products to become inactive.

Feedonomics introduced Google Merchant Center Alerts, we used to have to manually check our client’s Google Merchant Centers every single day.

If you aren’t checking Google Merchant Center with a high frequency, you can end up with many disapprovals that can severely impact performance.


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