Godatafeed and Channel Advisor are two of the oldest names in Feed Management.

While Channel Advisor is a publicly traded company with ~800 employees, Godatafeed has less than 20 and is more of a self-service tool.

At Lagentia, we use Feedonomics for product feed optimization for channels like Google Shopping because it has the most powerful optimization capabilities of any feed platform.



One of the largest differences between Godatafeed and Channel Advisor is price. Godatafeed is significantly cheaper with a flat monthly fee, while Channel Advisor charges a percentage of revenue and has year long contracts. This difference can be huge if you have a high revenue.


Features Comparison

Of course Channel Advisor can do things that Godatafeed cannot, namely more complex feed optimization that Godatafeed’s drop down rules can’t do.


Feedonomics can do even more powerful optimizations for product titles and descriptions than Channel Advisor, and with far less complex rules.


When it comes to actually “seeing” and querying your data, Feedonomics has both Godatafeed and ChannelAdvisor beat with the ability to query both raw and transformed data, rather than having to download your data to Excel.


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