DataFeedWatch is a do-it-yourself feed platform that is priced similarly to plugins that feeds directly from Shopify and BigCommerce stores to Google Shopping.

The saying “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here as the optimization capabilities of DatafeedWatch are not very strong.


If you’re a small retailer with less than a few dozen products and a small ad budget, it makes sense to first try using a plugin, DataFeedWatch, or even Google Sheets to feed directly from your store to to channels like Google Shopping. But if you’re a larger retailer looking to really optimize your product data and campaigns for Google Shopping, you’ll need more than just feeding directly without any optimization.


At Lagentia, we use Feedonomics for our product feed optimization because it gives us better ability to

  1. See and query both raw and transformed product data
  2. Actually optimize your data


Here’s a common example that is painstaking with DataFeedWatch and Godatafeed:
You have thousands of different brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and others.


25% of our product titles are missing brand in them.

So we have titles like:
1. Nike Air Jordan Shoes
2. Nike Air Max Shoes
3. Air Max Shoes


First, how do you know you have 25% of product titles missing brand in them?
In a platform like Feedonomics, you can just query your raw and transformed data

In Datafeedwatch, you have to download your data to excel, open it up, do a vlookup

The key is having the ability to see and query your raw and optimized data, without having to download it to excel to inspect by hand.


How do you insert brand into only the titles that are lacking it?

In DataFeedWatch, you will need to create as many IF and THEN rules as you have brands. So if you have 1k brands, you will literally need to create 1k rules. Good luck.

In Feedonomics, you can do this with one IF and THEN rule, where IF title doesn’t contain brand, insert brand at the beginning or end.

The key here is being about to query one attribute with another attribute, which DataFeedWatch cannot do.


Is DataFeedWatch outsourced?

DataFeedWatch is a feed platform without much of a USA presence. Despite the linkedin company profile and about us saying they are located in San Mateo, California, if you click to See All employees, you’ll see that all of the software engineering has been outsourced to Poland.


Is DataFeedWatch an agency?

Datafeedwatch also runs your Google Shopping campaigns, which can be dangerous if you’re an agency because it is competitive with your clients. But, like their feed platform, it’s $99/mo, which means you get what you pay for.

Don’t expect weekly client meetings and reports on proactive work done that you would get with an agency.


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