Godatafeed vs Channel Advisor

Godatafeed and Channel Advisor are two of the oldest names in Feed Management.

While Channel Advisor is a publicly traded company with ~800 employees, Godatafeed has less than 20 and is more of a self-service tool.

At Lagentia, we use Feedonomics for product feed optimization for channels like Google Shopping because it has the most powerful optimization […]

Channel Advisor vs Feedonomics

ChannelAdvisor is one of the oldest players in the feed management space, especially when it comes to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Feedonomics is our product feed platform of choice for both feed optimization and marketplace order synchronization.


One of the biggest barriers to using ChannelAdvisor is their expensive long-term pricing. When you’re starting out from scratch, […]

DataFeedWatch vs Feedonomics

DataFeedWatch is a do-it-yourself feed platform that is priced similarly to plugins that feeds directly from Shopify and BigCommerce stores to Google Shopping.

The saying “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here as the optimization capabilities of DatafeedWatch are not very strong.


If you’re a small retailer with less than a few dozen […]

Lengow vs Feedonomics

Lengow is one of the oldest French self-service feed platforms. It supports many specific French marketplaces and channels that may or may not be of interest.

Feedonomics is a US based feed platform that offers both full-service and self-service options.

At Lagentia, we use Feedonomics for all of our product feed optimization needs for the reasons provided below.


While […]

Merchant Advantage vs Feedonomics

Merchant Advantage is one of the older feed platforms that used to only be available as  downloadable Windows software. It now has a web interface, but numerous issues prevail.


Lagentia uses Feedonomics for product feed optimization over Merchant Advantage because the level of optimization allowed by Feedonomics far exceeds any other platform. Here are a few […]

GoDataFeed vs Feedonomics

GoDataFeed is one of the oldest and cheapest feed platforms out there, starting at $29/mo.

Interestingly enough, Godatafeed’s pricing is exactly the same as Datafeedwatch’s.

As we mentioned with our Datafeedwatch vs Feedonomics review, you often get what you pay for, which is just the mechanism of sending your data directly over to Google Shopping or […]

ProductsUp vs Feedonomics

ProductsUp is a German do-it-yourself enterprise tool for feed management.

Feedonomics is based in the US and is a full-service or self-service product feed optimization platform.



ProductsUp’s pricing is enterprise-level, and starts at a minimum of $1,000 per month with year-long contracts. Feedonomics on the other hand is significantly less expensive (even at higher SKUs), and is […]

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