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Introduction to Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager

Your Best Friend For Tracking

Set Up

Implemented by just putting a snippet of code on the clients site.
Once there it acts as a portal to your list of tracking rules you’ll set up through tag manager.


Simplicity: The rules are very straightforward.
Speed & Agility: Add tracking as needed without having to use a developer.
Precision: The […]

Importance of Optimizing Product Feeds for Google Shopping

These days almost very major retailer is already on channels like Google Shopping.

So how do you stand out from all the other retailers?

Besides better Adwords campaigns which we can help with, the best ways are with a better optimized feed.

You might be surprised how many merchants simply send their feeds directly from their website to […]

Happy Halloween

From left, Steven, Andrew, Bruna, Deniz, Jason, Gary, Kayla, Brandon and on the floor Wallace!
Some of the staff getting into the spirit of things on Halloween.

Disallowed OpenCart Feed When Exporting to Google Shopping

“Good data quality ensures that that your items continue to appear on Google Shopping. It is critical to providing a good user experience and return on your investment.”
These are the exact words from the Google Merchant Center Dashboard page. But what exactly is “good data quality”? You have to know, because failure to meet their […]

Common Errors when Using Google Product Feed to Export OpenCart Feed

Exporting a OpenCart feed to Google Merchant Center may be easy for some. But it’s not so easy for others, which is why extensions like Google Product Feed have become a favorite for many OpenCart users. With Google Product Feed for OpenCart, exporting the feed becomes so much easier that users have given the extension […]

How to Export a OpenCart Product Feed to Google Shopping with Google Product Feed

OpenCart is actually one of the easier eCommerce platforms around, but some people (actually, a lot of them) still have problems manually exporting their feed to Google Shopping. The entire process can get a bit convoluted, and coding expertise can surely come in handy. And that’s why Google Product Feed for OpenCart has become one […]

Using the Google Product Feed Forum after Exporting OpenCart Feed to Google Shopping

Like other ecommerce platforms, OpenCart allows you to send your feed to Google Shopping. You can even do this manually, although it will take some effort. But for a fee, you can do it by just getting the Google Product Feed for OpenCart. What it does is that it generates a Product Feed for Google […]

Problems with Countries, Currencies, and Languages When Exporting PrestaShop Feed to Google Shopping

With PrestaShop, you have an excellent eCommerce platform for your online business. Google Shopping, though, can bring quite a few problems when you export your PrestaShop feed. Google Shopping can be very exacting with their requirements, and setting up your feed can be problematic at times. And if you didn’t realize it yet, it can […]

Why Do PrestaShop Modules Sometimes Fail to Work When Exporting Feed to Google Shopping?

The PrestaShop eCommerce platform is very popular these days. Even those who are having some difficulties in exporting their Prestashop feed to Google Shopping regard PrestaShop as nearly perfect. You can do just about everything manually, but you can always just rely on PrestaShop modules to do the work for you.
With PrestaShop modules, you can […]

Manual Uploads vs. Module: Cost Effective Ways of Exporting PrestaShop Feed to Google Shopping

When it comes to eCommerce, cutting down on unnecessary costs is crucial if you want to maximize your revenue. That means you need to make a lot of decisions about problems that don’t always have a clear answer. So even if you’re using PrestaShop as your platform, you still have decisions to make along the […]

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