Zen Cart is quite popular among many online businesses because it’s a free ecommerce website design program. It’s also supposed to be user-friendly. But when it’s time to export a Zen Cart Feed to Google Shopping, that’s when problems can really crop up.

The Google Merchant Center Feeder

The Numinix Google Merchant Center Feeder for Zen Cart is one of the more popular plugins for exporting Zen Cart Feed to Google Shopping. But for many users, it has not quite proved as user-friendly as they had hoped. The Numinix Google Merchant Center Feeder can be overly complicated and not user-friendly at all. And you may have to download lots of additional plugins in order to get the Numinix plugin to work properly.

Now there are a wide range of problems associated with the Numinix plugin. The issues which can frustrate users include being unable to export product information so that they can edit data feed, and sometimes even just grouping items together can be a challenge.

You can sidestep this “item grouping” problem by grouping the items by brand. But that won’t always work, especially if you feature brands which manufacture different kinds of items.

So here are some alternatives you can consider:


This plugin is in some ways much more effective than the Google Merchant Center Feeder, and it’s compatible with a lot of different CSEs. Specifying a category for items is extremely simple. But that’s not the real problem here.

The real problem with MagneticOne is that the costs can skyrocket very quickly, even though its purchase price is the same as the Numinix plugin. If you have a lot of feeds and you use eBay, Shopzilla, and Bing in addition to Google Shopping, each feed represents another additional expense.


Just like MagneticOne, this plugin can solve your grouping feed problems, but then again you will have other new problems to contend with. You have to balance the monthly costs with the limitations. You can pay $29 a month for a shop, and you can only have 1 shop, 3 channels, 5,000 products and it will cost you $5 for every extra 1,000 products. You can choose the agency option which allows you unlimited shops, 25,000 products, 100 channels, and you only pay $2 for every extra 1000 products. But this option costs $149 a month.

You’ll also have to pay $19 a month for analytics, and then another $39 a month for a Google Shopping Manager.


What you want to use in order to export a Zen Cart Feed to Google Shopping is entirely your decision. So you have to figure out your priorities. The Numinix Google Merchant Center Feeder may be adequate for your needs, but you have to expect a lot of issues along the way. Using other plugins can solve these problems, but using them can be very expensive and could potentially bring you more problems instead.

If you still need help, we would be more than happy to help you set your Zen Cart product feed. Just give us a call now!

If your export is successful, you can now easily submit your Zen Cart feed to Google Shopping. Afterwards, you can really optimize your Google Shopping campaigns with IM-PACT.