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How to include WooCommerce product variations when exporting to Google Shopping

Many eCommerce managers have problems with exporting product variations to Google Shopping when exporting WooCommerce feeds to Google Shopping or other shopping engines. Plugins currently on the market do not allow for product variation, which angers many plugin users. For example, you may want to have many colors and different sizes of a product for […]

How to output description from WooCommerce into Google Shopping feed

After reading about how to export a WooCommerce feed for Google Shopping, you may still one annoying problem that commonly occurs with WooCommerce, where product descriptions do not properly display when you try to output a description from WooCommerce into a Google Shopping feed. For example, you can try the following code (only snippets of code […]

How to Export WooCommerce feed to Google Shopping

There are many ways to export your WooCommerce product feed in other shopping engines like Google Shopping.
One of the most popular is the WooCommerce Shopping Cart Export, which is available as a free plugin (version  This plugin claims it can simplify product output for exporting a feed to thousands of platforms, such as Google […]

OpenCart – Free and Easy to Use e-Commerce Platform to get Onto Google Shopping

OpenCart is one of the best open sourced shopping carts out there. If you want to list your products on Google Shopping, it’s a great and low cost option, because it’s free! Not only is OpenCart free, but it’s also one of the most user-friendly and affordable e-Commerce platforms out there.
Compared to other ecommerce platforms, […]

How to Export A Magento Product Feed For Google Shopping

If you’re trying to export a Magento product feed to other shopping engines like Google Shopping or Amazon and you have over 1,000 products, you might encounter the following errors:
Magento export not working for large catalogs
Magento export taking too long
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of x seconds exceeded
Allowed memory size of x bytes exhausted (tried […]

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